Outreach Root

The Outreach Root, which helps students understand their God-given mission:

Jesus gave his followers one last command: to spread the good news of his death and resurrection—the gospel—to the whole world. When we become members of Christ’s body of believers, the story doesn’t end. That’s just the beginning! Now we get to join in a remarkable mission to care for the least, to love other people, and to share Jesus as Lord wherever we go.

April 12 What does it mean to be spiritually lost? The stories and main ideas of this lesson emphasize that being found is about an intimate relationship with Jesus, the joy that Jesus took in welcoming the lost, and the typical mindset that many teens have about God. Bible Passage: Luke 7:36–50

April 12 Why share about Jesus? This lesson shares the idea that Jesus thinks finding the one lost sheep is worth a whole lot of effort. It also dives into the idea that sharing Jesus should be about helping people understand why it’s worth it to passionately pursue Jesus. Bible Passage: Luke 15:1–10

April 19 How do I share Jesus with others? Students know that the world has plenty of lost people, and we know that we should do something about this. But how do they help move people from lost to found? Learning about how God can use us to spread the gospel is at the core of this lesson. Bible Passage: Acts 3:1–16; 4:1–4

April 26 -How do I start wanting what God wants?Part of becoming a rooted disciple of Jesus is making your desires for the world align with his desires for the world. And the truth is, this may require a pretty big overhaul of your current way of doing life. Students will wrestle with these concepts and think about what changes they need to make in their lives to choose purpose over preference. Bible Passage: Luke 19:1–10

April 5 No CSM