For a few different reasons, I have been thinking about people being brokenhearted. Even the word “brokenhearted” feels heavy and sad to me. And I think over this past year, I have probably looked into too many eyes of brokenhearted people. The fallenness of our world seems to catch up to all of us at some point. That raises the question “what does God think about broken hearts?” Psalm 147:3 provides an answer. The verse reads: He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

In ways that go beyond our grasping, I believe God is concerned for each broken heart. Whether it was broken because of sinful choices we make or because things have been done to us. He meets us while we are feeling crushed with the expressed purpose of healing and binding us up. God’s grace is such that He wants to redeem and restore us. That is so amazing to me. The verse does not say that God would like to do those things. It declares He does those things. God can heal what is broken. That simple statement challenges me to ask myself: “Am I coming to Him to be healed?” Sadly, I have undoubtedly delayed His healing touch in my life because I focus on my hurt or my pity party instead of on the God who can bind up my wounds. It is as if He is more eager than I am. Pondering this verse is challenging me to focus on God and not my circumstances. I pray it might challenge you in the same way. We need His healing and that starts with us focusing on God and His character.