We believe in the next generation! Central Student Ministry (CSM) is a place for middle and high school students to discover Jesus Christ through passionate worship, relevant messages, and caring relationships. Our heart is for every student to know, enjoy, and glorify God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Student Activities

For more inforamtion about Multiply our Sunday & Wednesday May Focus, click below.

Parent Milestone Journey

Our Milestone Journey pathway is where we partner with parents as primary faith trainers to help their students grow in their faith.  To learn more about Mielstones 1-4, look at our Kids Ministry.


6th-8th Grade

Milestone 5 - Designed for Life

This milestone focuses on leading your teenager to understand God's...(Learn more)


9th-10th Grade

Milestone 6 - Rite of Passage

This milestone focuses on equipping your teenager to see themselves...(Learn more)


11th - 12th Grade

Milestone 7 - Live Your Legacy

Ultimately, launching your teenager to be a life-long follower of Christ...(Learn more)

The Senior Experience


And Beyond

As our young adults journey after graduation, we partner with them in several ways: Prayer partners, care boxes, and our young adult group.


Other Helpful Information

  • Security:  Central Baptist Church requires all volunteers be background checked.  We also use a check in system for our students.  If there are any specific security concerns, please contact Paul Rhodes.
  • Church-wide Strategy:  Our students follow our church-wide Connect | Equip | Send strategy.  They CONNECT through connection groups as part of CSM on Wednesday nights, EQUIP during Sunday Morning 9 am Equipping Hour, and SEND throughout the year through our special activities.
  • Activites:  We try by the start of each school year to list all special activities that will take place throughout that school year and the summer following to allow our parents and students to plan ahead.  These signups will always take place through our church app.
  • Promotion:  We promote our students at the end of May each year to their new grades.
  • How we determine calendar dates? Discover our annual rhythm.

Follow Us

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