Serving is an act of worship, a way to spread the love of Christ to those around us. We are all called to serve as members of the body for the glorification of God. We serve because Christ first served us.


Serving Opportunities


This ministry is made up of volunteers that serve in the Nursery, Tiny Tots, and Pre-K Connection Group on Sunday mornings and in the Nursery and Cubbies on Wednesday evenings. They help to create a welcoming, safe environment and connect children to Christ.


This ministry is made up of volunteers that serve in Connection Groups and Children’s Church on Sundays and with Awana on Wednesday evenings. They help to create a welcoming, safe environment and connect kids to Christ. They help to create a welcoming, safe environment and connect kids to Christ. They help kids understand the need for a personal faith in Christ.


This ministry is made up of volunteers that serve in Student Equipping Hour on Sundays and CSM (Central Student Ministry) on Wednesday evenings. They help students to grow their faith in Christ and relationships with others through discipleship and fun.

Worship Team

We love to see people express their wonder and gratitude of God through music and our biggest role is to point the people around us to Him. God wants our best and worship is no exception. We strive to give our best as a team to enhance and not distract people’s worship which is why there is an audition process for this team.

Media Team

This team is comprised of three parts: Sound, Lights, and Media. They serve closely with the worship team attending practices to plan and prepare for each service. If you like computers, gadgets, music, buttons, and sliders then this team is for you. It’s a great way to be involved without missing the service. No experience, no problem – we can train you.

Host Team

These people serve as greeters and ushers, they also staff our welcome center and coffee connection. They are the first point of contact for many that come through our doors. If you like to meet new people, this is a great place for you.

Maintenance Team

God has blessed us with beautiful grounds and a spacious building in which we come together and worship Him. We want to be faithful with all that He as entrusted to us and provide a safe, clean, inviting place for all who enter here. In order for us to maintain our building and property we will have various opportunities throughout the year for volunteers to help us keep Central looking its best.

Local Missions

We have several mission organizations that we partner with in Siouxland. Let us inspire and equip you to engage and disciple in the diverse spheres of our community.

Global Missions

We are called to bring the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. Some of us are called to serve in those remote places and others are called to come alongside and support them. Can we help you decide what role you play in global missions? 

S.H.A.P.E. Assessment

This tool will help to reveal your Spiritual Gifts to you. It may reveal more / different gifts than you ever realized. If you want to talk with one of our pastors after you have completed this so that they can help you explore the gifts and talents that the Holy Spirit has gifted you with and discuss how you can use those gifts to serve the body of Christ please reach out to us HERE.


What People Are Saying About Serving

No matter when or where I choose to serve at Central there is always a blessing from both getting to know other people and in helping the greater good.  If I did not choose to serve then I feel like I would be missing out on what God has in store for my life.  There are many needs to fill each and every week, which means there are so many opportunities out there for connections and blessings.”      A.L.

Serving at Central Baptist is imperative to my Christian walk and growth. Besides following the example of Christ, my family and I have personally benefitted more from serving others than having this expectation to only be served. It’s a joy and more fulfilling when I can serve in any capacity, i.e Help pack food for Mission of Hope, Help at Awana, serve as a Deacon, serve as an Elder, etc”     A.O.

As the footprint of my life extends into its 7th decade, I look back in gratitude with tremendous joy from service at Central. So many at CBC have become our family, and working with children has been a highlight. Even as they grow into adults, they remain ever in my prayers and my heart!”     G.G.

Children are the forefront of our society and helping the children of our church grow into their spiritual lives is what drives me to serve. Watching them hear the Bible stories and learn about how Jesus loves them is so amazing. ”     M.R.

I have enjoyed serving at Central, mostly because my family & I have been served by Central! When we moved home to Sioux City, our son had such a positive experience in the Central nursery that we kept returning as visitors. Even now that both of my kids have “aged out” of the nursery, I continue to serve there in case there are other families who might also benefit from this service!”     E.M.

I love to serve in the area of worship. I do feel like God has gifted me in the area of worship, but more importantly, God has used my service to grow closer to other Christians and to stretch my faith and testimony for Christ. It is so much fun to come to practice and be able to be with the other members of the team who all have the same mission to bring the congregation together in one voice and heart.”     A.L.

When I greet, I get to have meaningful conversations, learn names, meet new people, and be a smiling/happy face for those who are attending church at Central for their first time. I also sincerely enjoy serving in the nursery. I get to meet and get to know the church family that is caring for my kiddos when I am not there. I also get to make connections with other moms who are in the same stage of life that I am. Serving never feels like work. I always leave feeling positive and excited to serve again.”     S.B.