Rite of Passage

focuses on equipping your teenager for seeing themselves in the larger concept of the world and the Body of Christ.

Student Special Event
There are two events connected with this Milestone

  • Membership Class
  • Mission Trip Challenge. We are challenging all our students to take an extended mission trip sometime during there high school years. This trip will not be a group-based trip. Instead, we want to help students choose a trip that meets their passions, gifts, and talents (which they identify during the previous milestone) in specific ways. We have joined with several mission partners to provide these trips. Which mission trip is right for you/your student?  (Guide Coming Soon)

Parent Workshop
The parent workshop happens the first weekend in December.  It focuses on how to encourage your student to own their faith. We discuss both church membership and taking a mission trip as an important aspect of helping your student to own their faith.

Rite of Passage Celebration

We celebrate this milestone in two ways.  First, as we celebrate others joining the church body and second, through praying for them as they embark on mission trips. When we send them out as a church, we will have a special moment of prayer over them. We encourage you to invite family and friends to participate in this moment as their prayer partners.

Family Celebration

Upon returning from their mission trip, we encourage you to gather your family and friends to celebrate their return and what God has done in and through their lives.

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