Designed for Life

Milestone five focuses on leading your teenager to understand God’s biblical design in their lives.

Student Special Event

D-Now is an incredible weekend experience for students.  It begins on Friday night (the weekend before Thanksgiving) at 7 PM and concludes with a parent/child time together on Sunday afternoon. Friday and Saturday nights students spend time with their crew staying at a local home. The weekend is filled with great fun, deep relationships, amazing worship, and challenging Bible studies.

Parent Workshop
The parent workshop happens at the beginning of the weekend and prepares parents to unpack the weekend and prepare for the family celebration time.

Designed for Life Celebration

We celebrate this milestone on that Sunday during the services on the D-Now weekend.

Family Celebration

We encourage parents to plan some time either Sunday afternoon or sometime the following week to do a parent and child moment with their student. Materials are provided for this parent and child moment.  This time is meant to be fun and flexible.

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