Preparing for Adolescence

focuses on preparing your child to embrace their identity in Christ. The adolescent years will challenge your child’s identity to the very core of who they are.

Parent Workshop
Parents training session happens in May of each year. God designed this stage of life to repeatedly answer the question “Who am I?” The way this question is answered will impact them as they live out their legacy.

Child Special Event

During a special 4th – 5th grade retreat, children focus on building their identity based on Christ. The retreat will happen in the spring or summer of each year.

Preparing for Adolescence Celebration

We celebrate this milestone on the Sunday prior to school starting back.

Family Celebration

The family celebration moment is a special parent/child weekend that we encourage parents to take prior to their child starting their middle school years. The concept of this weekend is to identify and press into areas of your child’s life where their character needs molding. In addition, we want parents to be the first to share with their children the changes ahead in the child’s life.

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