Bible Discovery

Focuses on training your child to know and use their Bible.  This step is designed for parents of kids who are beginning to learn to read.

Parent Workshop

Parents are reminded of this self-guided parent workshop every January but can work through this material anytime they want.

Bible Discovery Celebration

During one of our morning services, towards the end of January, we celebrate kids by having parents present them with their own Bible. We encourage parents to pick out a special personalized Study Bible for their child to begin using on a daily basis. We recommend parents choose an ESV Bible, one that is built to last and that kids begin immediately using that Bible as regularly.  We know that this is a special day but the intention of this day is to train kids to seek God’s Word, not to have a Bible that is put up for special occasinans.

Family Bible Study

Following this special recognition, we provide parents with a special Bible study they can do as a family to celebrate and introduce God’s Word to their child. We encourage parents to involve all of their family in this study. We have found that this opportunity serves as a refresher for older kids and students.

Email Paul Rhodes to get started.