Kids love Central because the programs are fun & interactive, and our volunteers take time to get to know each child's name and story.

Parents love Central because we partner with moms and dads to help kids grow in their faith.   As the primary faith trainer of your child, you need to know where you are going. Our goal is to partner alongside you through the 7 different life stages in the Milestone JourneyThe milestone focus with each group serves as a foundation point for all weekly and special activities we do with kids throughout the year.

If you are planning your first visit, please let us know so we can best answer any questions you may have.  When you arrive through our main lobby, we will guide you to the right spots for your kids.

Nursery Activities

Pre-K Activities

K-5th Grade Activities

Parent Milestone Journey



Milestone 1 - Family Commitment

This milestone focuses on parents understanding God's role for you as the Primary Faith Trainers...(Learn more)

Mothers of Preschoolers

MOPS offers high-quality, women's gatherings that welcome moms together to share life, motherhood, and Jesus...(Learn more)

Promiseland Preschool

Central offers a 2 or 3 day morning preschool program...(Learn more)


K - 1st Grade

Milestone 2 - Bible Discovery

This milestone focuses on training your child to know and use their ...(Learn more)


2nd - 3rd Grade

Milestone 3 - Gospel Foundation

This milestone focuses on training your child to grow in the grace and...(Learn more)


4th - 5th Grade  

Milestone 4 - Preparing for Adolescence

This milestone focuses on preparing your child to embrace their...(Learn more)

Milestones 5-7:  Our parent milestone journey continues throughout Student Ministry.


Other Helpful Information

  • Security:  Central Baptist Church requires all volunteers be background checked.  We also use a check in and out system with unique daily security codes to ensure that kids are picked up by the correct person.  If there are any specific concerns, please contact Paul Rhodes.
  • Church-wide Strategy:  Our kids follow our church-wide Connect | Equip | Send strategy.  They CONNECT through connection groups during the Sunday 9 AM hour, EQUIP during Wednesday night Awana, and SEND throughout the year through our special activities.
  • Communication:  There are three main avenues we use for communication with parents outside of direct emails: this website, parents facebook page, our church app, and kids events page.
  • Activites:  We try by the start of each school year to list all special activities that will take place throughout that school year and the summer following  to allow our parents and kids to plan ahead.  These signups will always take place through our church app.
  • Promotion:  We promote our kids at the end of May each year to their new grades.
  • How we determine calendar dates? Discover our annual rhythm.