Identity Root

It started with Adam and Eve. God created humans in his own image, unique in all creation. While God declared his other creations “good,” he identified humans as “very good.” Then sin entered the picture, and all people developed a warped version of their original identity, a sinner’s nature in need of major restoration. Christ died on the cross and rose again to offer us a new identity, even better than the first. He took on our sin and shame so we could take on his righteousness. He identifies with us so we can find our identity in him—a redeemed identity.

September 28 – Identity Introduction  This lesson introduces and sets the stage for the Identity Root. It’s designed to get students thinking about who they are as God’s children and followers of Christ, and how embracing this identity will affect their daily lives. Bible Passages:  John 1:12, 15:15; Matthew 10:38–39; 1 Peter 2:9–12 

October 5Image of God: Why do I matter? This lesson is all about discovering why we were made, who we are as God’s children, and what gives us value. Bible Passage: Mark 5:24–34

October 12Spiritual Gifts: What are they and how should we use them? Students will learn what spiritual gifts are and why we were given them in the first place. They will also explore the importance of sharing their gifts in community with other Christ-followers. Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 12

October 19 – A Disciple’s Mission: How do you know God’s mission for your life? Students will learn about a unique formula (Burden + Passion + Vision = Mission) to look at clues God has given them along the way to discover how God is leading them. Bible Passage: Matthew 9:35–10:42

October 26 – Temptation: What do I do when I’m tempted? Students will study Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness and identify how they can stand up to temptation as well. Bible Passage: Matthew 4:1–11