CSM Multiply

This May, Central Student Ministries is offering a special discipleship opportunity called Multiply.  Multiply will prepare our students for Summer in the Park.  This series includes four Sunday mornings from 9-10 and 2 Wednesday Nights from 6:30-8:00 pm.  See schedule and descriptions below.

Sunday, May 1 - Kingdom Focused - Welcoming

Like a coffee shop about to close for the night, Christ-followers can go through the motions of serving without ever making others feel welcome. We live in a culture that trains us to think in an “us versus them” kind of way, but the kingdom of God is for us and them. Christ followers are often the first—and sometimes the only—glance others have into God’s love. So if we remain comfortable by not welcoming others, the cost is high. This lesson will help students see that God’s kingdom has a wide-open invitation—and we are the mouthpiece. It will encourage them to take small and large risks to welcome others into God’s love.

Sunday, May 8 - Outreach Focused - Truth in Love

We often think that truth and love contradict each other. We believe we must love someone by withholding harsh truths, or we think we must force truth down other people’s throats in unloving ways. But in this lesson, your students will learn that truth and love aren’t opposites—one is actually necessary for the other. They are both essential. The gospel message, the ultimate truth, is the most loving thing we can share with a person. And if we share it in an unloving way, we aren’t actually embodying that good news at all.

Wednesday, May 11 - Life Focused - YFC Three Story

This learning environment workshop is designed to lead participants in experiences of adiding in God and discovering how His redemptive story includes ourselves, those we meet and God himself.

Sunday, May 15 - Community Focused - Commitment

This lesson helps students focus on an important aspect of community: selfless commitment. Vulnerability and authenticity are essential to building trust, but they can’t be all we hope to get out of our relationships with other people. We can’t have deep friendships and relationships that are only opportunities to “be ourselves” or get things off our chests. We also need to be others-focused. In other words, even when we’re doing okay, we should look for ways to prop up or pour into others.

Are we only around people who make us feel good and pour into us? Or are we in relationships with people who sometimes drain us and who need our help? We can always avoid building relationships with people who are messy, in pain, or suffering. Or we can do our part to carry their load.

Wednesday, May 18 - Park Focused - Using Fun to Engage the Lost

This hands on workshop will teach students some fun ways of getting to know other students through games.  During this time, we will also prepare our game supplies for use this summer. 

May 22 - Identity Focused - Consistency

Chameleons change color based on their surroundings. It’s one way they keep themselves safe from predators and hidden from their prey. The name of these reptiles has also come to represent people who act one way around one group of people and another way around others. Perhaps you’ve heard people like this referred to as “hypocrites.” The term hypocrite comes from a Greek word used to talk about actors, someone playing a role. One mark of a follower of Christ who finds their identity in him rather than in others is that they live a consistent lifestyle. They act like themselves regardless of who’s nearby, who’s watching, or what circumstances they face.

Wednesday May 25 - Park Launch

We will begin meeting at Leif Park May 25th through August 17 from 5:30-8 pm.