Community Root

We weren’t created to be alone. Our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being depends on deep, loving relationships with other people. But the world builds walls between us, painfully isolating us from other human beings. That’s the beauty of the church. When we start following Jesus, we form a bond with the others who call him Lord. Do you ever feel outcast, lonely, inferior, ashamed, or disconnected? God has created a family for you. They are his people, and they will help you grow in another essential connection—with God.

November 2 – The Community Intro Lesson: This lesson sets the stage for the Community It’s designed to give students a framework for what community is and how God designed it to work in the church (the body of Christ). It’s also designed to help students see their roles in the church community. Bible Passages: Matthew 5:13–16; 9:12–13, Mark 3:13–14, John 17:20–23 

November 9 – The Church: What is it and why does it exist? In this lesson, there will be a chance to learn more about the mission of the church and about a thinker who is pushing the church to be a place where Christ-followers live on a mission and sharpen each other. Bible Passage: Ephesians 4:1–16

November 16 – Community is a Need: Why do I need other Christ-followers? Do you have a sense that you are vulnerable like a sheep, and that having a flock and a shepherd are necessary for survival? A lone sheep in the wild is extremely vulnerable. A Christ-follower without community is in a similar position. This lesson focuses on the importance of everyone of having a community. Bible Passage: Matthew 26:36­–46

November 23 – A Church for The Broken: Do I have to have it all together to be in a church? Community with other Christ-followers is vital. It’s a lifeline that fuels us, encourages us, and challenges us to live out the mission God gave us. Community keeps us in the fold of what God is doing. But what about people who don’t have this community? Bible Passages: John 18:12–27; 21:15–17

November 30 – Community Makes Disciples: What does it mean to follow Jesus? This lesson focuses on the importance of discipleship, includes some biblical instruction on discipleship, and shares the story of an individual dedicated to discipleship. Finally, students will be asked to take intentional steps toward making discipleship an important part of their communities. Bible Passage: John 15:1–17