Awana 2021-2022

Awana TNT meets every Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:10AM during the School Year ending the end of April.  It is a club-based program allowing 3-5th Graders to journey through a handbook together while celebrating their accomplishments along the way.

Getting Starting

All 3rd-5th Grade students start with the Start Zone.

1st Week in Awana TNT Receive Start Zone & Begin working through Section 1.
2nd Week in Awana TNT Work through Section 2.

2021-2022 Weekly Schedule

After TNT Students complete the two week start zone, they progress together as a group through this year's handbook called Grace In Action.  During Council time (large group teaching) we cover the handbook sections that are being signed off on the week following.  You will notice in there are different sections in the handbook. 

Explore Section This section includes questions for kids to answer.
Memorize Section At least one memory verse per section to memorize.
Silver Extra Credit Section Silver Extra Credit Activites vary.
Mission: Pray & Go This section helps develop prayer and a missions focus 
Gold Extra Credit Gold Extra Credit Activites tend to be additional verses to memorize.
Challenges Throughout the handbook different challenges such as Bring a Friend happen.

We encourage you to challenge and work alongside your child to complete the Silver and Gold Extra Credit.  The other two parts are required to sign off the section.  Students who miss a section are encouraged to go back and complete the section on their own so they can receive credit for that section.  Our Awana chapter uses English Standard Version for memory purposes.

Date Main Verse to Be Said Nightly Council Time Focus
Aug 25   Start Zone Sections 1 & 2
Sept 1 Ephesians 2:8-9 & Romans 10:17 Section 1.1 God is Creator
Sept 8 Revelation 4:11 Section 1.2 God is Holy
Sept 15 Revelation 4:8b Section 1.3 God is Just
Sept 22 Deuteronony 32:4 Section 1:4 God is Love Crazy Hair Night
Sept 29 Ephesians 2:4-5 Section 1:5 God is Eternal
Oct 6 Psalm 90:2 Section 1:6 God is...Review Night Noodle Night
Oct 13 All Verses Sept 8-Oct 6 Section 2:1 The Bible is True and Without Error
Oct 20 Psalm 119:160 Section 2.2 The Bible Helps Us Know God
Oct 27 John 20:31 Section 2.3 The Bible Should be Studied Carefully Wear Orange Night
Nov 3 2 Timothy 2:15 Section 2.4 The Bible Teaches us about History
Nov 10 Romans 15:4 Section 2.5 The Bible Teaches Us How to Live Sock Night
Nov 17 Psalm 119:11 Section 2.6  The Bible is Powerful and Active
Nov 24 No Awana Join us for Thanksgiving Eve Services
Dec 1 Hebrews 4:12 Section 2.7 The Bible is Our Guide
Dec 8 Psalm 119:105 Section 2.8 The Bible is...Review Night Toiletries Night
Dec 15 All Verses Oct 20-Dec 8 Special Lesson
Dec 22 No Awana Join us for Christmas Eve Services
Dec 29 No Awana  
Jan 5 None-Please Review Section 3.1 Jesus is fully God
Jan 12 John 10:30 Section 3.2 Jesus is fully Man
Jan 19 John 1:14 Section 3.3 Jesus is Savior
Jan 26 1 Peter 2:24 Section 3.4 Jesus Conquered Death Crazy Clothes Night
Feb 2 Romans 6:9 Section 3.5 Jesus Wants us to Follow Him
Feb 9 1 John 2:6 Section 3.6 Jesus Showed Grade to Others
Feb 16 Eph 1:7 Section 3.7 Jesus Wants you to Share the Gospel. Red Night
Feb 23 Mark 1:7 Section 3.8 Jesus...Review Night
Mar 2 All Verses Jan 12 to Feb 23 Section 4.1 What is Grace?
Mar 9 Romans 8:1 Section 4.2 Grace and Law Baby Bottle Return Night
Mar 16 Galatians 3:11 Section 4.3 Grace to Be Humble
Mar 23 James 4:6 Section 4.4 Grace to be Forgive
Mar 30 Ephesians 4:32 Section 4.5 Grace to be Humble
April 6 2 Corinthians 5:17 Section 4.6 Grace to Forgive
April 13 No Awana Section 4.7 Grace to Persevere Join us for Good Friday & Easter Services
April 20 Galatians 6:9-10 Section 4.7 Grace to Persevere Last Night to Say Verses & Store Night
April 27 Deuteronomy 31:6 Section 4.8 Living By Grace...Review Night Awana Awards Night