The starting point for successful Awana Handbook time is understanding how we have structured Awana at Central and the why behind it.

Awana Distinctives

Design Element #1 - A Relational Approach

Many Awana programs approach the handbook time leader as simply someone taking care of signing off verses for the night.  While we do have specfiic helpers that just do this, here at Central, we have a different approach to our leaders.  The group leader travels throughout the night building relationships.  Their involvement in Handbook Time is part of the tasks they do, but thier goal is to press into the lives of the kids into their group.

Design Element #2 - Intentionally Moving from Place to Place.

Kids need moveement time between Opening Ceremony…Handbook Time…Large Group Teaching…Game Time.  It allows them to get the wiggles out and also helps to change the environment in each location.

Design Element #3 - We Minimize "Filler" Activities

The idea behind this is that between kids working through their handbook and the limited investment of time that we get to spend with them in a year…that we need to use our time wisely by maximizing how our time is used.